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Home Pulleys Flat Idlers - Standard 34-025 IDLER 4 1/16IN X 3/8IN
Oregon 34-025, IDLER 4 1/16IN X 3/8IN
Part #34-025
$20.17 /ea
Product InfoFeatures
Oregon 34-025, IDLER 4 1/16IN X 3/8IN

Also Replaces:

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER: 491395-R1, 491395R1, 542520R-91, 542520R91

Product Code:34025
Oregon 34-025, IDLER 4 1/16IN X 3/8IN
WARNING: Before servicing or removing blades
  • Remove and ground spark plug wire
  • Disconnect battery at negative terminal. (for electric start engines only)
  • Refer to owner’s manual and follow safety warnings
  • Do not substitute any other bolt for the blade retaining bolt. Blades and blade retaining bolts are specially made for this application.
  • Proper torque must be used when tightening the blade retaining bolt; refer to owner’s manual. If this safety precaution is not followed, the blade could come off during operation.
While mowing
  • Immediately inspect blade if abnormal vibration occurs
  • Properly support and secure mower when replacing blade.
  • To avoid possible injury, always wear proper eye and hand protection when servicing mower blade.
  • Unbalanced or warped blades can cause damage to the mower and/or personal injury.
  • Inspect the blade(s) and replace damaged blades before operating the mower